IR4YP Brochure'Indoor Rowing for Young People' (IR4YP) is a programme offered by British Rowing to provide training on how to deliver high quality sessions using an indoor rowing machine.

Use this site to find out more about the types of training offered and access all of the additional resources.

Indoor Rowing is now a part of the secondary schools competition framework and the Youth Sport Trust requires all schools to appoint trained staff in accordance with the minimum standard set by IR4YP.

IR4YP training course components include:

Learn to Row (L2R) - Staff Training focusing on:

  • Developing safe and appropriate warm up and cool down activities
  • Developing a long and effective rowing stroke that follows standard British Rowing technique
  • Developing feedback skills in coaches and personal thinking skills in participants.
  • Exploring ways in which indoor rowing can be integrated into the school curriculum

Row to Health (R2H) - Lifestyle Programme focusing on:

  • Benefits of physical, social and emotional health
  • Planning personal programmes for specific health purposes

Row to Success (R2S) - SGO Toolkit focusing on:

  • Planning programmes for competition

The Junior Rowing Leaders AWard focusing on:

  • Co-ordinating and supporting indoor rowing sessions training for young people


Each training programme has a set of associated resources, which are available to download from this site.


RowLog is an online log that enables participants to keep a record of their indoor rowing workouts. There is a special RowLog for schools area where you can view competition results grouped by school and rankings.

For further information regarding organising or attending a course please email the IR4YP National Co-ordinator,